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מיכאל ברנס


כמה מילים של מיכאל על העריסה שלו:

The cradle was designed by myself with many aspects based on the״ 
golden rule which I first learnt of at Etz Ladaat.
I am an Oleh from London, UK and came into woodworking from a non-creative background having previously studied and worked in biotech, law and business, so designing a new piece was a challenge but an enjoyable one. 

The piece is intended for a new addition to our family and the wood colour and type was actually chosen by my wife. The piece itself has brass fittings to compliment the wood colouring
and the woodgrain flows through the lower piece to give it continuity.
The cradle has a light pendulum motion for newborns and is largely constructed with largely tenon and mortice joinery and finished with simple mineral oil to ensure safety.

I have since started a workshop in Pardes Chana with a colleague from the course. Our intention is to create a space which is open and welcoming to all; with a leaning towards encouraging social cohesion through woodworking.

I myself intend to create a portfolio of custom made quality crafted home/children furniture and have recently moved to Zichron Yaakov.״

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